Start Up Success

It has always been my desire to help people I meet. We get many requests to consider new products. Most of these include a new business plan. In the past we had accepted one of these "start up" projects annually. We have found this is not enough time to move a product through the stages that lead to success. For the past 4 years we have chosen to work with one new start up every two years.

It take more time to work on these start up projects than to simply build a new mold and start molding parts for an established customer. We hope the time investment we make is rewarded by gaining a loyal customer with a great new product. Our most recent success story is TOBO TOYS.

One customer is a Canadian toy designer we started working with 3 years ago. Click here TOBO TOYS to visit their site and learn more.

We are currently working with Go-Shake. We are one year into their project. Click here Go-Shake to visit their site and learn more.