Wire EDM Services

Modern plastic injection mold making requires the use of CNC and Wire EDM technology to produce the many intricate inserts, cores, pins and blocks that make up the plastic injection mold. We have extensive experience in these fields as we have been milling 3-D surfaces since 1988. We also have the ability to Wire-Cut 5 axis profiles on metal parts up to 2,500 lbs., and up to 12 inches thick. We are not a high production wire-EDM shop that cuts 20-100 of the same parts each day, but we do have these unique capacities that we offer.

MIG & TIG Welding Services

Tool steel welding up to 4,500 lb. is available in our plant. Typically used for mold repair the most common type is H-13 tool steel. Some stainless tool steels can also be welded with excellent results. Most hot-work type tool steels “H-**” can be welded with excellent results. The geometry of the part and the area to be reconstructed generally define the effort required to successfully weld any workpiece. Many jobs require a preheat process to reduce the risk of cracking the workpiece. On most die steels, welding is not recommended as they often crack. If the work piece hardness is greater than 56, Rockwell “C” standard TIG welding is not advised.