Mountain Mold & Die has over 30 years of experience in the design and implementation of custom plastic injection molding. We have a highly specialized plastic injection molding process that consists of proper material preparation, consistent machine and environmental parameters, combined with accurate tooling to ensure all specifications for each part are achieved. Materials used include PC, ABS, PP, PE, POM-Acetal, PA – Nylon, PC, PBT, HDPE, LDPE, TPE, TPO, TPU, PEEK and many other polymer compounds that include the use of fillers, reinforcement fibers, colorants, and property modifiers. Innovative material property including chemical bonding in the over-molding process now allow elegant part geometry that was impossible when using other means of attachment or assembly. We started using these materials in early 1996 when a customer needed a solution to over-mold a glass RFID transponder in a automotive key. 

Over the next several years, our ability to provide ingenious solutions made us an industry leader in this product line. As we produce each part, consistent process control in paramount. From the ambient atmosphere that surround our molding machines to the velocity profile of each injection cycle, our quality system monitors and guides the adjustments that maintain the integrity of every part. Combine this approach with the ability to maintain your high precision molds and the result is excellence in quality.

Plastic Injection Molding Solutions

  • Custom plastic injection molding ranging from 35 to 250 tons US
  • Plastic and metal Insert molding and over-molding
  • Shot capacity up to 20 oz.
  • Custom blend materials
  • Custom color

Molding Capacities of our Equipment

  • 250 tons:    Tie Bar Clearance: 22 in.       Shot Size: up to 20 oz.
  • 200 tons:    Tie Bar Clearance: 20 in.       Shot Size: up to 14 oz.
  • 150 tons:    Tie Bar Clearance: 17 in.       Shot Size: up to 8 oz.
  • 100 tons:    Tie Bar Clearance: 16 in.       Shot Size: up to 3.5 oz.
  •   50 tons:    Tie Bar Clearance: 11 in.       Shot Size: up to 3 oz.